Empowering the marketing function with data and technology to leverage customer loyalty, retention and engagement, driving business strategy and boosting profitability


As the Indian marketing analytics industry is set to grow from its present value of $200 million to $1.2 billion by 2020 at CAGR of 25%, it makes a very important change in how marketing is perceived and about the role of data and analytics and its utilization to help an organisation meet its business goals.

The last decade has seen a major change in how brands and organisations reach out to their target audience and connect with them through various channel, majorly digital. Considering the age of millennials and technology savvy consumers who are always connected on the go, it is time that brands revamp their marketing strategies and use analytics to keep up with their audience. By 2020, it is estimated that there would be 50 billion devices connected over the country. Is your organisation positioned well enough to make the most of it?

Inventicon's 4th Marketing Analytics Summit 2020 is packed with knowledge and practical insights to enhance your marketing measurement efforts and boost your overall marketing ROI. Learn how to make the most of the latest tools and techniques, get a glimpse of updated technologies and hear it from the experts on how to leverage them effectively.



  • The persona of modern marketer: How do you capitalize on the current trends and prepare yourself for the future challenges.
  • Optimizing customer experience for every buyer journey stage and segment to produce great ROI
  • What are the various tools available in the market for marketing analytics?
  • Why Hyper- Personalisation is the future of marketing and how brands are nailing it!
  • The marketing analytics maturity curve- Where are we on the lifecycle?
  • Digital marketing, measuring ad effectiveness, virality monitoring and understanding segmentation in emerging OTT and social media platforms.
  • Panel Discussion: Decoding B2B buying behaviour: How to contextualize messaging for hyper personalisation


  • Over the course of two days learn and discover the possibilities that arise when marketing analytics and data science break silos and work together to drive bottom line impact across an organisation
  • Hear the best practices from the leading innovators and thought leaders from the marketing world
  • Learn what are the tools available in the market for marketing analytics to boost your over all marketing ROI
  • Comprehensive understanding of how MarTech will enhance customer loyalty and retention strategy
  • How can you seamlessly embed data, analytics and insights into the fabric of your organisations' decision making process


CMOs, VPs, Directors, General Managers & Functional Heads of:

  • Marketing Analytics & Automation
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Customer Relationship Manager, Experience & Engagement
  • Business Intelligence, Insights & Analytics
  • Campaign and Programme
  • Social & Digital Media
  • Advertising & PR

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